Association of Mauritian Entrepreneurs (AME)

Welcome changemakers, founders, leaders, and builders of tomorrow. We share your passion for entrepreneurship.

AME’s vision is to build an equitable platform for Mauritian entrepreneurs where we create equal opportunities and promote fair business practices.
Fostering economic growth and development by promoting Mauritian businesses, social and other activities locally and internationally.
Our objective is simple! We promote, assist, foster, and represent businesses in Mauritius and build a national and local entrepreneurship network.

Empower your business

Empower your business

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Creating purposeful relationships among entrepreneurs

Association of Mauritian Entrepreneurs or AME for short is a community built for entrepreneurs. Imagine a community that helps your business achieve its full potential through business-enhancing connections, shared experiences, and collaborative learning. A fellowship that fuels your business growth. We are the Association of Mauritian Entrepreneurs, a national peer-to-peer network of entrepreneurs and builders of tomorrow. Together with members of our community, here’s what we’ve achieved

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    Our code of conduct

    We believe in giving back
    Giving back is an important aspect of life. As individuals, we rely on our surroundings for support. But support in the world of business is very hard to find and this is why at AME we believe in giving back.
    We believe in making friends
    While our community can be made up of businesses within the same industry, our fellowship also promotes a culture of friendship. We are all friends in the AME and friends have the back of each other in AME.
    We believe in helping each other
    Helping each other not only improves social interaction within our community but also distracts people from their own problems and improves their self-esteem and competence. Entrepreneurs need that more than ever to.
    We believe in problem-solving
    Collaboration is key at the Association of Mauritian Entrepreneurs as this helps members of the community solve complex challenges and achieve change together. Experts working in unique partnerships at AME create an impact like no other.


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